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You don’t have to buy expensive
equipment and hire high-skilled staff
on your own.

You don’t have to waste your time for
searching and selecting suppliers of
components and organization of
production. You can concentrate on
developing your business, while we
undertake the rest.

We offer a full package of services from
project design and development to

Contract Production of Electronics

Production of electronic parts

In our contract production of electronics we use
high-precision equipment of the leading OEM
manufacturers: TWS Automation (Italy), Samsung (Korea),
AAT (USA). Our capacities enable production and assembly
of both small and large lots of PCBs.
Quality Control

All our equipment is regularly maintained by qualified
specialists of official service centers, which allows us to
minimize risks of emergency shutdown, and hence to avoid
violation of delivery terms. Most equipment and tooling has
its backup, which enables us to fulfill an order even in case
of an emergency situation.

When you choose us as a partner, you can be sure that your
products will be shipped just in time.
Automatic Mounting

Our tools and equipment let us satisfy any needs of our
Customers. Our automatic line for PCB mounting with total
capacity up to 21000 sets per hour secures performance of
orders of any complexity within the stipulated time-frame.

This equipment handles high complexity PCBs, inserts
components with package nominal size from 0.6x0.3 mm
(0201) to packages BGA, CSP, OFP with fine-pitch outlets
and maximum size up to 40 mm. It is possible to mount
complicated components like SIM card holders, connectors,
electrolytic capacitors and others intended for surface
Manual Mounting

We pay great attention to training our staff. Our training
system guarantees obtaining skills and knowledge
required to perform each step of the production process.
Highly skilled people, up-to-date soldering equipment
and materials let us offer high quality manual mounting
of outlet components.

Video about contract manufacturing and Assembly

Production of Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies

Production of Wire Harnesses

Wire harnesses are made using Komax Alpha 355 machines
which allow to make automatic the biggest part of the
manufacturing process, inclusive check-out operations. Our
production facility is fitted with automatic equipment which
performs cutting, stripping wires and tubes, as well as with
press machines for setting contacts, clips and terminals,
plugs and connectors.

We also have control devices and testing equipment, which
enable us to perform check-up of all specified parameters
and, thus, to maintain consistent high quality of our products.
Machine Processing

Our technical capabilities for machine processing:
Length range from 60 mm to 65000 mm (from 2.36 in to 213 ft)
Accuracy of length measuring: +(0.2% +1.0 mm (0.039 in)).
Stripping length: 0.1 mm to 25 mm (0.0039 to 0.98 in)
Stripping length with insulation displacement:
wire starting point: 35 mm +/-1 mm (1.38+/-0.039in),
wire end point: 35 мм +/1 мм (1.38+/0.039in).
Wire cross-section: from 0.12 mm2 to 25.0 mm2 (AWG26 –
AWG3). Wire feed speed: max. 10 m/sec (33 ft/s).
Crimping tips: MiniFit (MF), MicroFit (MMF), FTX50, FASTON, and many others.
Unit Assembly

Our Company offers unit assembly services:
- production, assembly and rework of unit boxes according
to the Customer’s requirements.
- installation of cards, power supplies and other components
into the ready boxes with further marking, testing, packing.
- assembly of various modules, control cabinets and
electric wiring.
Quality Management System

Our production is certified in accordance with GOST ISO

Multilevel quality control includes incoming control of
components and materials, in-process inspection, functional
testing and verification.

All measurements are taken with the help of modern tools
which are regularly verified and calibrated.

All the above lets us ensure required quality of products
and services.

Our Main Advantages

Qualified staff
Quality Assurance System
Imported components
Development under Protection Agreement
Serial production of goods
Strict compliance with the stipulated terms

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Why do our Customers choose us?

When you have an idea, but you don’t have a possibility to
formalize it, then our R&D team is ready to prepare all
required documents. We pay a lot of attention to workability
and technological efficiency of a product – it saves your
money and our time. When working based on the drawings
provided by the Customer, we analyze workability of the
design and offer our recommendations.
  Production carried out only based on the Customer’s
drawings without any preliminary assessment of design
Using import components makes it necessary to have a stock
on-site. We always have stock inventory for a case when you
may urgently need to increase the ordered quantity.
  Usage of cheap components which do not always have
sufficient quality may significantly increase the production
time and cannot secure faultless service of a product during
the guarantee period.
We believe that people are an important part of the production
process, as well as equipment. We carry out continuous
trainings for our staff, inclusive skill improvement,
acquaintance with types and reasons of defects. Moreover,
at the production floor there are work manuals which describe
in details all steps of product manufacturing.
  Involvement of subcontractors which cannot directly
influence quality of a product and which do not control
the production process.
We optimized layout of the production floor and, thus,
decreased the number of excessive internal movements of
products during the production process. We own a complete
set of equipment which allows to produce a final product of
materials and components within one single production
  Usage of outdated equipment and technologies, even in
case a product of sufficient quality can be produced, results
in higher cost for a customer in terms of money and time.
Quality Management System
Our Quality System has been certified. Besides, we apply
all the latest procedures intended not only to show up a
defect, but also to make it nearly impossible to appear. For
instance, for certain operations we have implemented error
protection procedures, all processes have been analyzed
for potential risks which may influence quality of our products.
  Working without quality assurance system and without clear
assignment of responsibilities for each production step.

We take care of our reputation

We know that our successful work and development of our
Company depend not only on quality of our products and
services, but also on the way we carry out our co-work with
you, our Customers. That is why we stipulate all conditions
of our cooperation in a Contract. This allows you to be sure
in the timelines and quality of services and enables you to
plan your activities more carefully.

A reliable partner brings confidence in the future.
This is AXIOMA.

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